Illustration of the NaNoWriMo badge, showing a Venn Diagram of 30 Days, 50,000 Words, and 300,000 writers coming together to form NaNoWriMo.

The official NaNoWriMo Web badge. Linked to the NaNoWriMo site.

Since all my traffic seems to be coming from people looking for NaNoWriMo-related things, I thought I’d wish all you writers good luck! It’s the start of a brand new National Novel Writing Month, and while I’m not going to be participating, I can still give the strangers of the internet all my unwelcome advice. It’s all obvious. Everyone’s already said all of this. You’re going to get it again anyway. Here’s a few random things that my NaNoWriMo friends have said:

  • Go way over your quotas on the first few days. You’re excited, you love your idea, and you have a lot of energy. Use it now!
  • Remember that 50,000 words across 30 days is only 1,667 words a day. That’s not actually very much. Just don’t let yourself fall behind.
  • You’re not allowed to have a single day off from writing until you hit 50K.
  • Beware Thanksgiving. It can swallow half a week (or more!) if you let it.

Oh yeah. One last piece of advice.

Stop reading WordPress (and the Internet) and write.

Good luck and have fun, everyone!