I love the Writer Beware blog. This is obvious. But because I love them, I’m going to link their “Best of 2012” blog post, because it’s full of nothing but interesting articles about publishing and the publishing world. Enjoy!

Writer Beware ® Blogs!: 2012: Year in Review.


Oh, how I love Writer Beware. I try not to be a silly person about publishing–I know that there’s a good chance I’ll never be published by a “proper” publisher at all–but I still like reading this sort of stuff. It’s good be educated about the sort of stuff that’s out there.

Writer Beware ® Blogs!: Guest Blog Post: Mustering the Courage to Turn Down a Publishing Contract.

Ahhh! I was complaining about query letters just last week. But then the biweekly Writer’s Digest newsletter came out yesterday, and it turns out that they have a whole series on novel queries:

Successful Queries | WritersDigest.com.

Goodness, so much for my feeling that novel queries were less gimmicky than magazine queries. Some of these are incredibly quirky and charming. (I’m looking at you, The Rise and Fall of Mount Majestic.)