I know I’ve already mentioned this a few times. I’m going to mention it again, because now it’s actually timely.

The Fire in Fiction, by Donald Maass is such a lovely book. I love it to death. I need to get a non e-book version one of these days, because then I could actually flip through it without having to hit five zillion buttons on my first-generation Nook.

I’ve been thinking about it recently because it’s a book about making your writing more powerful. It talks about adding more tension, editing your words for impact, writing better descriptions, and otherwise “punching up” your writing. It’s also written with the assumption that you already have a finished manuscript.

So it’s pretty well perfect for folks who are editing. And now I’m torn! I really want to read it again. But I also really just want to edit. I got nearly nothing done during my trip last week. I need to do more! I have to catch up!

But at the very least, I should make time to skim the chapters and re-read a few of the topics I’m terrible at. It’s certainly better than editing now, reading later, and then having a brilliant idea about how to improve my scene-setting.

Of course, finding time to read is a challenge in itself. That is probably the one and only reason I occasionally miss having to ride a bus for 40 minutes every day.