Writing Samples

Woo! I sold my third short story to Triptych Tales last month. (They’re also super-duper fast, so it’s already available online! It’s been up since Sunday, actually. I’ve just been too sick to celebrate.)

I generally write YA fantasy and/or Victoriana, so, it’s slightly unusual that this is a contemporary urban fantasy set in Oregon. (I miss Oregon desperately. It’s a wonderful place.) It’s about a government contractor who gets a contract at the Esoteric Wildlife Division, which is doing some very non-traditional research.

You can check out Esoteric Wildlife on the Triptych Tales website.


I’ve been feeling stupidly uncreative lately. It’s been ridiculously hard to make anything that makes sense for my next full novel, and I can’t seem to do anything without running into a mental roadblock. So, after weeks of bashing my head against a wall and being intensely unhappy, I decided to take a break and just write nonsense for a while.

So instead of my normal thing, I winged it. I was listening to Flight Over Venice 1 from the Assassin’s Creed 2 soundtrack. Great. My writing prompt was flight.

I’ve actually never posted any of my writing here. Goodness! So here you go: A one page short called The Girl Who Could Fly.