If you celebrate Thanksgiving (and you’re on the side of the border that celebrates it in November), I hope you have a wonderful one today. I’ll be back next week with more tips from a published YA author. (Next week is Christine Potter, author of Time Runs Away With Her and In Her Own Time!)

In the meantime, I have one life lesson to share.

I decided to write roughly ~15,000-20,000 words this week, because I had the whole week off and wasn’t seeing family. Fun, right? But let me tell you: if you are going to write 15K in a week, do not–I repeat, DO NOT–do it on this:

2016-11-24 08.57.48.jpg

That’s a wireless Apple keyboard. It’s portable, light, and extremely slim. The fact I can haul it around the room has, thus far, offset the fact that it’s desperately uncomfortable to use. I’ve written 1-2K almost every day on it anyway, because who cares what my fingers think, and it’s never given me that much trouble.

Then I did 4K a day. I feel like I’ve been slapping my fingers against a wooden board for days.

Know what the worst part is? I have a beautiful Cooler Master mechanical keyboard. I just didn’t use it because I would have had to unplug it, and that felt like an unbearable burden. No, I thought assertively, I’ll just power through it! How bad could it be?

(Spoiler: It’s pretty bad.)

OK, well, I haven’t maimed myself or anything. But my fingers were going tingly and numb after Day Three, and it has become abundantly clear that I need to use the good keyboard, and I probably need to take a break, even though I’m unbearably close to finishing the first draft of my next YA fantasy.

So, there: Friendly writing advice. Don’t break your hands. Use nice keyboards.

And have a wonderful Thanksgiving!