Woo! I’m proud to announce that my short story, Voices from Antiquity, placed third in the 2015 Parsec Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Story contest.

It wasn’t published as part of this contest, so unfortunately I can’t point you all to a place where you can read it. I’m going to try my best to remedy that–and soon!–but I’d hate to put off a chance to celebrate.

So, woo! Contests are awesome. And so is Parsec!

This is actually the second time I’ve placed in the Parsec SF/F Short Story contest–last year, I got second place, and was also published in their 2014 Triangulation: Parch anthology. So it’s pretty neat to place again this year!

The Parsec Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Story Contest is a nice little competition, overall. They run it once a year, so it’ll be a while before their next one’s run, but if you’re not a SWFA-qualified writer and you like sci-fi and/or fantasy, I’d give them a shot. So far, I’ve really enjoyed their story prompts.