It’s Not Just You | The Daily Dahlia

Last week, I mentioned how lovely Twitter was for writers. (Well, at least when you’re not being spam-blasted.) And it is! There’s a wonderful community out there and it’s exciting to read about what’s working (and not working) for other writers. There’s so much you can learn!

But it’s can also be harrowing. Twitter is where authors post their successes, after all. And on a good day, that’s wonderful! You’re happy and excited and inspired. And on a bad day, you feel like a complete moron, because… really. Why don’t you have a 70% response rate for your queries? Why don’t you win every contest you try? Everyone else on Twitter has to beat off agents with a stick! Look at them! Every single person on your Twitter list is wildly successful! Why aren’t you?

When I saw this on my Twitter feed, I was in one of those oh my goodness I feel like a fraud moments. So I filed this away, saved the link, and didn’t look at it. I feel a little less like flagellating myself today, so I dusted it off. And now I’m sharing it with you all:

It’s Not Just You | The Daily Dahlia


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