I generally blog about writing tips and books I’ve read. This is rough, because I was reading this last week:

Illustration of three children and a shadowy figure in the background.

Hotlinked from the Aoitori Bunko website.

It’s elementary school fiction. In Japanese. For 6th graders. It’s about some elementary kids who start a mystery club and hunt down the legendary thief, Papillon. And it is, obviously, nothing I would really write a book review about. This is just fun, random nonsense I’m reading to keep up my ever-decaying Japanese skills.

I’ve been busy otherwise. Real life got in the way for a long, long time, and now I’m finally putting the last-last edits on my manuscript so I can submit it to agents. I’m hoping to do that in a month or so. More about that later!

In the meantime, have this article from Writer’s Digest about overcoming self-doubt in writing:

Author C.C. Hunter Explains How to Overcome Self-Doubt | WritersDigest.com.