Photo of a small chocolate chip cookie cake filled with pudding.

I could have spent this post writing about these. I might have even taken a picture with a non-splattered dish. But now I never will.

OK, so here’s my confession: I was going to write about baking this week. I’ve been trying to make a reliable, homemade version of Trader Joe’s “Journey to the Center of the Cookie,” and I needed ideas on what to use for the filling. “But this is a writing blog!” you might think. To which I would reply with CAAAAAAAAAAAKE.

But then a post I wrote was linked in The Review Review’s newsletter, and a ton of new followers mobbed the blog. So I guess I really should post something about writing this week.

The problem is, I only recently revamped my blog. But hey! All of you folks are new. You’ve never been here before. So even though they’re all pretty recent (and one of them was written last week), here are some of the articles I’ve done on writing:

Thanks to The Review Review and all the folks who dropped by!