Here’s some more on that question that keeps haunting me: Does a writer need to have an online presence? So it was just the right time for me to find this agent’s opinion about it:

Janet Reid, Literary Agent: I love seeing evidence of idiot agents

Just like Create Your Writer Platform said, the answer is no. Writers don’t neeeeeeeeeeed to have an online presence, much less a strong one. (Well, they don’t as long as they write fiction. Sorry, non-fiction authors.)

But, interestingly enough, some agents do care. Some agents apparently will scoff and turn up their nose at an author they can’t find on the internet. Which means that there is yet another fickle little subjective detail that could help or hurt your chance of getting an agent’s attention. Hurray!

I think this bothers me so much because I’m nearly invisible. I have one of the most common names in the Western world, I share my name with a well-established author, and I am extremely private. I suspect I’m doing all this platform-related research because I’d like to not agonize over this so much!