Photo of a homemade book and text blocks.

From Flickr–This isn’t from the same person or the same blog. But I don’t want to hotlink a personal blog, so here’s a photo of someone else doing the same thing.

A small warning: This has nothing at all to do with writing.

But I got into writing because I loved reading, and very little can compare to the feeling of holding a real, beautiful book in your hands. That’s why my interest was piqued when I found these gorgeous bookbinding lessons on Craftgawker. (They’re all from the Damask Love blog.)

Honestly? It looks like a ridiculously tedious process, and I can’t think of a book I’d need badly enough to justify the cost of materials. (I don’t even use a portable writing book anymore. Since I work at home, I write all my notes, outlines, and drafts on the computer.)

But there’s still something wonderful about the thought of making your own books. And hey, it’s still fun to look! And the ones on this blog are beautiful.