Photo of a small chocolate cake with powdered sugar topping.


Another week, and another minor update. I have put together a very, very drafty first shot at my first query letter. I have already torn it apart several times. It still needs work, but it’s getting there.

But I have some time to think it over, thankfully. I’ve got a friend going through all 78,000 words of Sigils for me, and he’s picking up all sorts of stuff. Have I mentioned how much I love proofreaders? I love proofreaders.

But since I have nothing more epic to discuss, you get the next best thing: Chocolate lava cakes!

I’ve made this wonderful recipe twice now. They are wonderful. They would be even more wonderful if I used better chocolate. And they were even more wonderful when I actually made them correctly. Learn from my mistakes:

  • Don’t let them cool in the ramekins. The excess heat will cook them through. You’d think this would be obvious, wouldn’t you? Yes. You’d think it would be. All I could think was, “Well, I don’t have anywhere to put three cakes. I’ll just leave them here for a moment!” Ha.
  • This means that you should make what you can immediately eat and put the rest of the batter in the fridge.
  • But if you put it into the fridge your chocolate will solidify again. I had to heat it to get it back to the right consistency. I don’t know if just leaving it on the counter would have been enough. I didn’t try. (It didn’t affect the final product, thankfully.)
  • The recipe says to cook them for 12 minutes. But my oven apparently can’t keep a consistent temperature, because 12 minutes was perfect the first time and too long the second time. Just check it at 10 minutes. Then check it every minute. The moment the top looks solid, take it out.

When I did these right, they were amazing. When I didn’t? Well, chocolate cakes are still pretty nice.