Photo of the cover of the 2013 Guide to Literary Agents.

The 2013 Guide to Literary Agents! Pity I have the 2012 version. Hotlinked from

I missed my weekly Tuesday post. But it’s OK! Because I was ridiculously productive yesterday. I finally finished editing the rest of Sigils of the Forgotten. It is done. Done-done. It’s 77,000 words of young adult faux-Victorian fantasy, proofread and copyedited and more-or-less ready to go. I might want to come back and edit it more later (because goodness knows, I could edit forever.) But after working on it for so long, I’m really ready to focus on other things.

So I’ve started putting together a list of agents to pitch! So I’ve moved on to my first major task: Crawling through the Guide to Literary Agents.

I only have the 2012 Guide, which irritates me, because it was an awesome, thoughtful Christmas present, but I had nothing that I was ready to pitch last year. So now it’s 2013 and I’m working from a slightly out-of-date publication.

But it’s still a resource! A lovely one. So here’s what I’m doing. Just as a warning, it’s stupid-easy:

  • Searching through the “Young Adult” topic index and finding agents in those fields
  • Identifying those who are looking for for both YA and fantasy
  • Quickly going through the “Fantasy” index, in case I missed anyone in the above search
  • Prioritizing those who seem to be most interested in those fields (even though this data is old)
  • Prioritizing those who seem to be looking for new clients (even though this data is, again, old.)

This will give me a really rough, really preliminary list of folks who are looking for novels in my field and aren’t completely full-up on clients. Once I have a preliminary list, I’ll start crawling through websites and researching what they are currently looking for and which agents specifically deal with YA fantasy.

It’s not all that complicated. It’s mostly just research. The hard part has yet to come.