Photo of nearly twenty chocolate sandwich cookies with vanilla cream filling.

Homemade Oreo cookie recipe. I will never be a food blogger. Behold, my messy cookies and poor camera control.

Editing continues! I’m almost done. Thank goodness.

In the meantime, I’ve been baking. I found this Homemade Oreo Cookie recipe on FoodGawker and decided to give it a shot yesterday.

I always have so much hope for sandwich cookies. But I can never get them to turn out right.

The recipe said to bake them for 9 minutes, so that’s what I did. But maybe that was too long in my oven, because the cookies came out very crispy. And while they’re not bad, I was really hoping–in my heart of hearts–for something more soft and cake-like. Or even cookie-like. These are gingersnap-level crunchy.

They’re still tasty. Just not amazzzzzzing.

But man, I have never gotten a sandwich cookie recipe to come out well. I’ve had recipes where the cookies are fine, but there’s too much of them and too little filling. I’ve had recipes where the filling was tasty but the cookies were awful. I just haven’t had any luck with them at all.

And now I’m irritated, because I wanted to try out a new chocolate lava cake recipe, but it apparently vanished from my Foodgawker favorites. And I already bought the chocolate for it! Argggh. At least there are a zillion more to choose from.