A friend of mine sent me this link months ago:

Think Fast! 10 Minutes to the Perfect Elevator Pitch — Self Publishing Team.

I’ve seen dozens of these elevator pitch exercises. I also haven’t done one in ages. This one starts from the premise of someone who self published and wants to get someone to go to your website, but who cares? The concept of a short pitch is universal.

All this makes me realize that I haven’t talked much about the actual content of my story. There’s nothing profound about that, really. I just focus on the mechanics of writing because, well, that’s how I keep myself honest every week. But since I’ve shared nothing about Sigils of the Forgotten except what’s on my About page, you’re now all unbiased editors. Here you go!

In this young adult fantasy with Victorian overtones, a teenager coping with the loss of her sister is possessed by a body-hopping spirit known as an Unending, whose murderous rampage has made her an enemy of the state. While trying to evade capture she learns more about the Unending of Justice within her, and discovers why she would spend five hundred years murdering innocents to atone for a woman she couldn’t protect.