Saw this on Tumblr! (Here, more specifically.) It’s a list of basic questions to ask when building a world in a fantasy novel.

Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions.

They’re all very common sense and straightforward. But it seems like a helpful list if you have a concept and need to build it out.

Worldbuilding is kind of tricky for me. I tend to get tunnel-vision on my characters and their problems. I build out reasonably OK worlds, and then I have to consciously remember to write about them. Otherwise I get into these little character-vs-character soap operas. I’m not at all good at epic fantasy, and I’ve never been the sort of person who stopped the story to talk about history, overarching politics, myth, or legend. If my /characters/ have a strong cultural or magical aspect to them, they talk about it. Otherwise, I have a hard time fitting things in.

Man. Sometimes I think my life would be much easier if I were a romance writer.