A few weeks ago, I started seeing Goodreads pop up on my Facebook feed. I ignored it at first, because that’s what I do to all new, automated posts on Facebook. But eventually curiosity won out.

Goodreads works like most recommendation websites. It’s just designed for books. So you plug in a bunch of books that you’ve read and rank them. Once you’ve put in enough, the system can start recommending books.

And I really like their recommendation system! It gives you a whole slew of suggestions, all based on different criteria. You like certain genres? You can get recommendations in that genre, based on your other reviews. But if you want a little randomness in there, they also will search your “read” list and your “to read” list and provide recommendations based on those, too.

I have eight genres listed, and Goodreads is currently suggesting 50 books per genre for all of them but two. That’s… a lot of books.

It’d be easy to drown in recommendations here. That’s a good thing! But it does make me wish I had more time to read. I used to read on my commute to work. Now that that time isn’t “built in,” I have to make time to read, and that’s always a little harder to do.

But now I have so many good books I have to read! Augh!