Photo of the cover of the novel, 'Create Your Writer Platform.'

Create Your Writer Platform. Hotlinked from(and linked to) Barnes and Noble.

A month or so ago I was extremely excited to hear that Create Your Writer Platform was coming out this year. I love the books that come out of Writer’s Digest and its people! And while I love reading books on publishing, I’ve never read anything about platform building.

I’ll still probably get it! But now that it’s actually about to be published, I find that I’m less enthusiastic about it.

I mean, I do need a better Web presence. It couldn’t hurt to be more interesting.

But I’ve changed gears these last few months. I have a blog now. I’ve managed to stick to a schedule for a while. This lame accomplishment has sated my urge to “do something online that has my name on it.”

And now I feel less pressured to do something, my focus has shifted back to the other thing I’m slacking on: Submitting queries to agents.

So right now I’m just writing like a madwoman. Which is the point, right? Writing is, clearly, the most important thing for a writer to do. So right now I’m blazing through my book. 20,905 words now!